Stop Organised Animal Ritual Slaughter


“Animal Cruelty Should be No One’s Rite”

It is interesting to consider the various ways in which Islam seems to be designed to diverge from Judaism, a religion/race that has always had considerable impact on those peoples who have become Islamic .

Under Islam there is no alcohol permitted (which makes it hard for Jews for whom alcohol is important in their rituals), the practice of usury is forbidden (the main source of Jewish financial power over the world), and their is a culture intended (whether it succeeds is open to debate) to retain high standards of sexual morality, honour and responsible behaviour. The latter makes a lot of the corrupting influences such as pornography, consumer culture, cosmetic surgery,and other selfish excesses of materialism harder to push on an Islamic population. (The attempt is being made without any doubt all the same!)

The Jewish people can live in Islamic societies, but in many cases they find it so hostile and difficult to do so that they have abandoned them.

There is a large Jewish population in Iran, the largest number of Jews in the Middle East other than Israel, who keep to themselves and are very contained . Other countries such as Iraq or Algeria have almost zero Jewish community.

But there are a couple of cultural practices that the Muslims continue and which are a key part of Judaism. These are the Semitic rituals of circumcision of males and the kosher/halal neck-cutting methods of slaughtering animals.

Nowhere in the Koran does it say that circumcision or this form of killing animals is required of Muslims. And so it would be entirely a cultural matter that the Arabs and other Muslims decided to behave in a similar way as the Jews in these rituals.

The Koran actually contains verses urging that Muslims must treat animals humanely and, unlike the Jewish religion, regards all creatures as worshipping their god, or Allah, in their own way.

In much earlier times, it is true to say that animal slaughter, using a very sharp knife in such a way as to sever the right nerves quickly and end pain almost immediately, was indeed the most humane way to kill.

At this time this halal method was presumably no more cruel, and probably a lot less so, than any other methods used to kill an animal.

Times have moved on since then, and some forward-thinking Muslims do agree that the practice is outdated and that more modern and humane slaughter technology should be used instead. They have noted this falls in with the commandment on avoiding cruelty to animals and would remain “halal” because of that.

But the majority of Muslims care nothing for modernisation and want to stay with their backward and savage ways of doing things.

This is a cultural habit far more than religious.

There are some Muslim countries, such as Indonesia, where the halal slaughter technique is very far indeed from the anti-cruelty law of the Koran.

In Indonesia there are people who care nothing at all for the pain they inflict upon animals.

Sholahudin al-Ayubi, secretary of the Indonesian Ulema Council, the national clerical organisation, said the practices that had been exposed – the gouging of cattle’s eyes, slashing with blunt knives and the breaking of limbs – were unacceptable under sharia.

It really gives pause for thought that there are people who would treat animals in such horrific ways. Psychologists have long noted that ill-treatment of animals is a strong indication that a person is also uncaring or dangerous to fellow humans. One early indication of psychopathic personality is the deliberate cruelty or torturing of animals.

Ex US President George Bush was allegedly rather partial to torturing animals in his youth.

On Sept. 12, 2000, Baltimore Sun reporter Miriam Miedzian wrote, “So when he was a kid, George W. enjoyed putting firecrackers into frogs, throwing them in the air, and then watching them blow up. Should this be cause for alarm? How relevant is a man’s childhood behavior to what he is like as an adult? And in this case, to what he would be like as president of the United States.”

Banning the sickening methods of kosher and halal rites, could be seen as an attempt by western countries to repel foreign influences as much as it is correctly motivated by consideration of our fellow creatures.

There are cases of eastern Europeans abusing animals who are about to be slaughtered in Britain and no doubt elsewhere; kicking them and dragging them around painfully – The practice of battery farming is also contrary to the standards of Islam and an area where we in the west really have to improve our standards. Not only should we ban the ancient ritualistic slaughter techniques, but some of our own modern alternatives must be similarly restricted.

People have a natural inclination to keep to their own kind and to keep foreign influences from destroying their group identity or their way of life.

The moves against halal and kosher slaughter come at a time when also there is a popular feeling that Islam is imposing itself too heavily on the west. It comes at the same time as calls to ban the niqab and burka and Switzerland’s vote demanding an end to minarets.

The fact remains though, that on present demographic trends, with the very low birth rate of westerners and less low (although not actually high by historical standards) Muslim birth rate the west is set to be forced to be dominated by Islam at some time in the next few decades.

It would surely be an idea for those of us concerned with animal rights to use reason to encourage Muslims to discontinue with cruel and backward aspects of their culture that are not ordered by the Koran and which also originate with Jewish practice. There are already some Muslims who have this wish after all.

Moves by the west to ban the most visible proofs of the demographic changes facing Europe is similar in its intention to the ways in which Islam repels Jewish influences – as detailed earlier in this article. There is no sign that the West intends to target Jews, but they are caught up when circumcision is regulated and ritual slaughter potentially banned.

A likely reason that so many animal rights groups even now prefer to leave out demands for a ban on ritual slaughter, is simply political correctness and a fear of upsetting Jews or Muslims. They may remember that animal rights was something dear to the dreaded Adolf Hitler, and worry that to be seen to emulate Nazis on any level – such as what may be seen as persecution of Jews or other cultures is a step they don’t want to take regardless of how hypocritical this is.

There are too many of a Marxist view dominating movements to do with both animal rights and environmental issues. Perhaps they are staking this ideological territory to keep out those who approach things from a different perspective. Nevertheless if they really care about animals or the environment they must act against the effects of mass immigration and pressures this puts on natural resources. These organisations are moving in the correct direction slowly and may well have to act as the pressures to do so come from a public that is increasingly well informed and concerned.

In the mean time we of SOARS will keep the pressure up defending animals against human brutality and educating the public.

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Food for Thought

Liquorice just isn’t liquorice unless it is made right here in Britain! This is according to Henry Goode whose soft eating liquorice proudly displays a large Union flag in its traditionally styled advertising. So naturally one is expecting a traditional culturally British confectionary. So when one turned over the packet one is very surprised to find that this sweet has been Halal approved. Halal is very defiantly NOT traditionally British! It is in fact most associated with the particularly barbaric Islamic ritual slaughter of animals.

There are other brands trading as traditional or ‘proper’ British sweets for example Taveners. This brand even features a supposedly aged photograph of an English child playing. Yet these sweets are also Halal approved. One wonders if the child in said photograph is aware that the sweet company being promoted condones the barbaric slaughter of farm animals. Clearly this is not traditionally British. This Isle is supposed to be a Nation of animal lovers. It is beyond belief that a business would wish to be associated with such barbarism.

However, the sad truth is animal ritual slaughter is rife. More and more companies are quite proudly exhibiting symbols of this barbaric practice. Panda Liquorice is kosher. The only difference here is that this is the barbaric Judaic practice of animal ritual slaughter. In both cases the animal is hung upside down and the Imam or Rabbi cuts the arteries of the live animal. Sometimes the animal can take up to HALF AN HOUR to die. Again why would any company condone or even wish any association with this kind of cruelty.

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Dutch Ban on Barbaric Ritual Slaughter

A small Animal Rights Party in the Netherlands, the first such group in Europe to win seats in a national parliament, has managed to have a bill pass through the lower house of parliament. This bill stipulates that livestock must be stunned before being slaughtered. The Dutch parliament has now voted to ban the ritual slaughter of animals. As yet it must be approved by the upper house before becoming law; however, it is about time a European country took a stand against these barbaric practices.

The method of ‘dispatching’ an animal (yes it is that cold) used in halal ritual slaughter requires the animal to be fully conscious. The following is a VERY graphic depiction of halal butchery. This is brutal and disturbing so I urge you not to watch if easily offended.

The Jewish ritual of shechita (ritual slaughter) is similarly horrifying. In the following video the Animal Rights group PETA did put pressure on kosher slaughterhouses to ban the “shackle and hoist” methods of sadism depicted.  However, as stated so far no attempt has been made to end this torture. It amazes me that any form of acquiescence is allowed in such horrendous forms of barbarism. Again I must warn you that the following video also contains shocking material.

That Europe and especially Britain claim to be animal lovers yet the above scenes can go un-noticed seems uncanny. There are plenty of Animal Rights campaigners who must surely have a conscience. Why have these people not brought it to the attention of their groups. There is information available but most appears to be individually in nature. As such the general public do not seem to be aware of just how barbaric the practice of ritual slaughter is. Certain meat products are labelled either halal or kosher, however, because the majority are not informed about how the meat is ‘prepared’ it is just assumed to be ‘safe’ for Muslims or Jews. Anyhow it doesn’t taste any different does it… A perfect example of this is articulated in the following radio show. A caller expresses his distaste at being served halal food on an Australian internal Quantas flight. As he points out someone on a restricted diet or vegetarian would be able to specify their food needs. Why then are non-Muslims not given the choice. Clearly the host misses the point and fails entirely to consider that a non-Muslim may be offended by the nature of halal preparation.

With the above in mind a particularly inspired argument runs thus on Catholic Moral Theology “Perhaps it is time for another shift in understanding…but this time for all the Abrahamic religions.  Perhaps right relationship with God and non-human animals, understood in light of scripture’s claim that they are our kin and companions (see Genesis 2: 18-19), implies that God also does not delight in their unnecessary slaughter for food–whether via kosher, halal, or factory farming practices.” I suggest that all Animal Rights organisations reconsider who they work for. After all this is supposed to be all about the animals.

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